Recommended Resources for Data Science and R


Data Science


  • RStudio Blog: keep up to date with the newest developments in RStudio develOverflow
  • Bioconductor: the repository for R packages relating to bioinformatics
  • R-bloggers: an aggregator for blog posts about R
  • Tidyverse: a highly useful collection of R package designed for data science of which ggplot2 and dplyr are probably the most notable members
  • Awesome R: ever wondered what great R packages are out there that you are not using? This curated list of R packages shows an overview of popular packages for various tasks.

Machine Learning



  • Awesome Blogdown: A curated list of static websuites built using the blogdown R package
  • rbind: A network of R bloggers

Is your favorite resource for data science missing? Let me know in the comments!

Author: Matthias Döring


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