Boost your Data Science Research with a Free GPU Server

GPUs are an important asset for machine learning projects. If you are a researcher that is in dire need of GPUs, then look no further than HOSTKEY's GPU grant program.

Boost your Data Science Research with a Free GPU Server

Are you a researcher in data science? Are you in desparate need for GPU ressources for your next project? Then you should know that a GPU server may be just around the corner.

HOSTKEY is currently hosting a competition where you can win a grant for free GPU ressources. The competition is open to all researchers in the data science sphere.

Application Criteria for the Grant Program

If you want to apply, you have to send the following information:

  • A project proposal consisting of 1-2 pages
  • Your desired GPU server configuration
  • Your CV
  • A list of publications relating to the project, if available
  • Letters of recommendation

Interested? Then visit HOSTKEY’s GPU grant program to apply!

Discount on GPU Servers

If you are not eligible for the grant program, you can still get access to highly performant GPU servers. We have recently entered into a partnership with HOSTKEY whose first benefit for you is the following 7% discount code on all of their GPU servers:


The code is valid until 2020-12-31.